Tiffany Price on Aaron Sommers…

“Aaron Sommers? He’s bad to the bone! OMG TBH..literally the best webSite of course GBU Aaron❕seriously  you’re the king of my castle!😘😍 Your stories are grand and…omg 💗💝like ohh my god aaron I miss you like you have nooo idea how much❗️❗️plz text me honey, if u read this, kay❓❓❕omg I am crying again damn you sommers❕❕❕❗️♥️aaron sommers, why oh why do you have to be so good??💝❗️💜

like, You want a testimony?? 💬Well pEople wake up and open your eyes 🆗read that stuFf he writes…🚺♋️📓🗃🗒📘📨⚖🌋cuz its teNder and sweet like him YES he is sensitive💋Like omg that is what makes him soo romantic and literally tbh the mac daddy😎😍😍😘😥and know whT else???Literally! aaRon david sommers💓 let me bring “the boy with the million dollar sneeze” 📓to my english class and we talked about it when my teacher was telling us about literature devices and symbols and hYperactiveboles and illusions and How Aaron Sommers uses them and iwas like oh my god he is a mad genius 🌚and Like omg tbh im madly in love with him!! (Tmi) 🤔👯👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨✅So hEar me people: I Am “friends” (lol);)😉 with this man and “knew” him 😉and he is TG2BT omg hotter than than the sun!🌶☀️🕶💆🏼!!!.Like, whAt else do I need to say!? Aaron sommers…you are BbbbbBad!!💔”💘😻🎯🏪🕯💊☠💌📪📓📓📈💖💝💗💙💜


So OMG this is literally the WORST pic ever but that rascal Aaron Sommers 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨always loved I hope u love it as much as he did… .xoxo 💋💋👙Tif




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