Another testimonial

“I stumbled upon this website because all these new phones they got out, these smarty-phones I see young ladies holdin’, they got the Interweb in them. But I don’t have that kinda phone, so I sit here in this library and surf the web. On my own terms, mind you. In doin that, I found The Aaron Sommers Experience. All I can say right here and now is that my life ain’t been the same since. First I read about the fella, and boy does he get the most outta life. It’s inspirational. Then I got to the internets page on this Aaron Sommers blog called “publications” and read all his stories. Funny stuff. Great stuff. Laughed so hard I peed my pants. Wish I was exaggerating!So I just notice now that switches in my brain have been flipped. There’s light now, where there used to be darkness.

God bless you, Aaron Sommers, and God bless America…”


-Rudolf Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt of Katmandu.