It’s Funny how the Knight Moves…

Recently I had the good fortune of coming across a Royal typewriter in an antique store downtown. There’s nothing particularly exceptional about Royal versus any other brand–though many would argue otherwise–there’s more variation in when it was made rather than who made it.

So I looked at her, she at me, and we both did that grin of perpetual joy no one else sees but us. I bought her and now she owned me.

If you look at her you’ll see I wasted no time getting to work:

…and look for a second at how the shape of the unit, curves not angles is exactly what Steve Jobs was obsessed with when designing the model of smartphone I’m using now. Of course, unlike beauty, technology goes out of style, needs updating and cannot deliver on the promises of creativity. Rather, technology, at least at the consumer level, depends on the very products it creates to be antiquated, with that comes a cry for something else. Typically at the expense of workers and the environment.
Which gets me back to Kniight Moves. Where was I?